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"May you always pursue the narrow path, a life that calls for something more. And not perfection, but fullness, something deeper, beyond the shore."

Morgan Harper Nichols


I am so glad you are here. Showing up to take ownership of your life is hard work. Before you even take this step, you are making it known that you envision something different for your life. How bold. Thank you for joining me in the legion of the bold. Grab a seat and let's talk.

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I help people deepen their inner knowing and reclaim their magic, wisdom, power and belonging.

I want to join you in building a world full of connected, alive, brave people. With over 10 years experience as a therapist, and a constant curiosity about the world, I can support you in a way that honors your worldview, provides grounded support, and clears a path for unshakable healing. We will have gentle conversations about emotions and difficult conversations about the harmful oppression of patriarchal, capitalistic, colonial, puritan, ableist, heteronormative, white supremacist (and so on) culture and its impact on your life. I will diligently advocate for open communication with the vital parts of yourself that you have lost touch with. We will explore the things that feel too ambiguous to name, much less learn from. That is where the magic happens. I am here to help you feel fully connected. As a Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider, I want to uncover an understanding of your thoughts, feelings, body and behaviors. We will build support not just for your mind but also for your whole self. I want to help you build healthy relationships with yourself, friends, family and the world as it is today. These efforts will allow healing from the untouched past. We will carefully unblock and unpack your lived experience and apply slow intentional work to create a new frame work. Custom built for you. You will learn new skills along the way. I am not the Oz behind the curtain, and you will know exactly how to recreate this magic whenever life throws you the next curve ball, as it always does.


All of you is welcome. The complicated and sometimes contradictory parts of yourself are embraced here. Do you feel like too much and no enough at the same time? Do you feel a pull to break old cycles but need help getting out? I can help translate science into applied understanding in your life while holding space for magic and woo-woo. I can provide skilled and empathetic support to gain insight into your inner world. I can offer insight into the ways the world and the context of your life can support change or maintain stability. Together we can build understand of how your world supports helpful and unhelpful patterns. You will gain tools to respond with intentionality rather than reacting based on habits. I am here to help you find the way. Through structured skill building and deep inner work we find the way. The map we will build through deeper awareness gives you an understanding of the dynamic messages you have been living by. With this combination of emotional awareness and personalized tools, you can create a wholehearted life. You will have the tangible tools to deconstruct old ways of doing things and resilience to rebuild as life changes. I can help you remember your own understanding and direction that will connect you to your truest self.

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Do you feel like something is out of sync in your relationship? Do you want a stabilizing force to help move toward the painful but necessary parts of connection? I will help you draw from the wholeness of your experiences to connect to your people with compassion. In relationship counseling, we will start our process with an understanding of the individuals involved. Self-soothing plays a vital role in healthy relationships. Additionally, I plan to witness many difficult conversations. With a deep understanding of the individuals, I can intervene in real-time to actively disrupt old patterns and create the relationship you are seeking. Using real-time intervention and soothing, you can learn the rhythm of a productive conversation and replicate it at home. Relationship friction is the natural biproduct of showing up as fully human. And disconnect is the natural biproduct of managing past hurts. I hope to teach new skills of engaging with each other’s humanity that will lead to a loving, supportive relationship. You will build your toolbox, lean into awkward conversations and learn how to be resilient. There will be homework. But successful relationships are built on dedication and love. I am affirming of any and all respectful relationship configurations. Non-monogamy, kink, queerness and all intersections are all celebrated here. 


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