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Ashley Radtke
Individual & Relationship Counseling

Hi, I'm Ashley

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

It is my mission to remind you who you really are- joyful, abundant, whole, poweful, sacred, creative, and wise.  Here you are with the imagination to search for a different future using therapy, how bold. I have the audacity to live in the wild intentionality and I hope this invites your full dynamic self to this safe space. We will uncover the parts of you that feel too ambiguous to name, much less learn from because that is where the magic happens. I am here to help you feel like your life is unapologetically yours. I will help you uncover understanding from your thoughts, feelings, body and behaviors. You can build healthy relationships with yourself, your partner(s), friends, family and the world in all of its messy glory. You will gain the healing and direction you have been looking for. I have a special interest in social change burnout and eco anxiety. This is not always the marching in the streets for social change but the person who feels connected to the world and understands others liberation is connected to yours. I see you. You're a badass. I am not the Oz behind the curtain, and you will know exactly how to recreate this magic whenever life throws you the next curve ball, as it always does.

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Work With Me


How long have you been sitting with this longing for a new way of doing things? Searching for a catalyst or guide to walk with you? I will support you to gain insight into your inner world and the ways the outside world can support or change your patterns. You can respond with intentionality rather than reacting based on habits. We can deconstruct outdated messages and rebuild according to your true self. We will build coping skills and self-care but it will be so much more than that. I agree with the author Emily Nagoski who said "self-care is the fallout shelter you build in your basement because the government says it's your responsibility, not theirs, to protect yourself from nuclear war". Healing includes resting, connecting, nourishing and celebrating alongside deep intentional work. Let’s do this. 


Do you feel like something is out of sync in your relationship? Do you want a stabilizing force to help create positive movement? I will help you draw from the wholeness of your experience to connect to eachother with compassion. Relationship friction is the natural biproduct of showing up as fully human.  I will teach you new skills of engaging with each other that will lead to a deeply loving and supportive relationship that works for your relationship- not what was handed to you and doesnt quite fit or work. You will build your toolbox, lean into awkward conversations and learn how to be resilient in conflict. There will be homework. But, successful relationships are built on dedication and love. I am affirming of relationship configurations

and  styles.

Social Change

I will be here to support you by centering our work on rest, joy and alignment strategies to build sustainable effort for ongoing impact. Change requires many types of effort to move forward at the rate our planet and  communities need. Intersectional change requires all of us to find the effort that lights up our soul and pursue it, not with perfection and relentless effort but a understanding of our own liberaton as essential. There is no one way to be a cycle breaker. But I am here to help you find yours today and the adaptive skills to update that as it evolvs.  Persistence in the face of a world afraid of change is no small task. lets find change that heals and adapts rather than causing burnout.

"May you always pursue the narrow path, a life that calls for something more. And not perfection, but fullness, something deeper, beyond the shore."

Morgan Harper Nichols

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