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COVID-19 Procedures

  • I am fully vaccinated

  • I have a medical grade air purifier in my office

  • I sanitize and air out my office between sessions

  • There will be 6ft. between our chairs

  • I will wear a mask in session if requested

  • I will continue to offer virtual sessions


  • ​I am accepting self-pay clients only. This means you will be charged a standard rate of $120 at each appointment.

  • If you would like to use insurance benefits I will be glad to provide a super-bill to document our appointments and fee to pursue reimbursement with your insurance company.

  • Using a self pay method allows me to document freely without the restrictions of insurance companies. I believe Insurance companies should not dictate the scope or number of sessions provided. Being in contract with insurance companies require a diagnosis that stays with you, access to your records and an overall version of documenting that is outdated. This is an intimate process, and it works best if I can maintain your confidentiality in all possible ways.

  • The overturn of Roe v. Wade solidifies my commitment to protecting client information to protect client privacy. 

  • I am also leaning into the work I am honored to do with so many of you—taking up space, asking for what I need and knowing my worth. This is part of my self-care, walking the walk and protecting the sustainability of this career I have invested so much in. 


  • I use an online portal to schedule, complete paperwork, give access to your information and process payments.

  • You can schedule here



  • The first appointment I will gather information about you life, goals, and ambitions for therapy. You will also gain a deeper understanding of how I would address your specific situation. The first appointment will not be therapy per-say but game planning and a vibe check.

  • From there we will begin the foundational and explorative work of therapy based on the pan we set in the first session and will go back to re-evaluate regularly.

  • There will be countless pages of notes, resources and reminders I send from our sessions. Connecting the tangible act of memos and reminders connects the emotional and cognitive parts of our brains. Handwriting notes and reminders continues to be part of my ritual, even in this virtual format.

  • It helps to have a journal or place to keep your therapy work. the assumption is that we are building tools that will become organic and you will need to reference later. 

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