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Ashley Radtke, Licensed Therapist


  • I understand and have deep appreciation for what it takes to be here, ready to take this step. Across my time in a variety of mental health work, I have found this piece of research to hold true: The strongest indicator of how much you get out of therapy depends on the therapeutic relationship. So, while I trust you will do important work once you meet your therapist, this is a vital step. I strive to be informed and geek out for research but, as with most human interactions, connection and support are the bridge that grants us access to our knowing.

  • My strategy is to move from structured to abstract learning. Not only because these are skills that necessitate building, but also because I save space to build trust. The letters after my name do not entitle me to your story. However, I am glad to build that trust with you by giving you explicit control over your boundaries in this space. My approach is focused on building tools, language, habits and behavior that support a connection between the cognitive mind and the emotional self. My primary goal is to facilitate a better connection with these important parts. This approach has lasting impacts on your relationship with partners, children, friends, colleagues and self. And I am, for better or worse, focused on sustainable change rather than immediacy.

  • I will be an attentive listener and observer to discuss patterns that are working—and we can intentionally fuel and reflect the ones that are not working—and we can find ones that fit better. This is your journey, and it belongs to you, so I work diligently at maintaining a nondirective approach. This means I will not offer advice based on what works in my life or the client before you. I offer a pool of options based on my reflections and research. I use a systems approach. This approach allows me to help you understand the way patterns in your inner world, job, home, relationships and world at large have established and maintained the place you are in. This perspective allows you to see your stuck area as outdated information, habits and otherwise movable. Not fixed characteristics or failings. As my approach builds on itself we will practice structured skills, make lists and practice behaviors. I will help you develop coping skills, communication skills, boundaries management and more, all based on your needs, personality and world. This ability to regulate reactivity allows for deep change in how you view yourself, relationships and world. This is where the change you have been seeking happens. The skills are helpful and foundational in order to shift your understanding. But I am after a foundational shift rather than managing symptoms. I am strengths-oriented, meaning I will help you find a way to activate your specific strengths in order to heal. You will not only feel more able to engage with emotions and connect with self, you will have the framework to create this again and again as needed. After all this hard work and progress, your life will change which will prompt changes in coping, boundaries, relationships and world. I will not only help you find this path once but equip you to recreate this process as you adapt to the changes of life.

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